Corporate Social Responsibility: A Research Handbook

Corporate Social Responsibility: A Research Handbook

(Download pdf) Corporate Social Responsibility: A Research Handbook

Book Note : Concepts of corporate social responsibility (CSR) are widely used by businesses, professional bodies and academics, but are also widely contested. CSR is usually described as comprising three elements: environmental, economic and social, though there is no serious consensus on how to go about translating ideas into practice. This research handbook addresses some key areas of contention, theory and practice within CSR in order to address, challenge and inform debate in academia and practice.The collaborative text extends understanding of CSR through articulating current thinking on each facet of a vital subject. Each theme is represented by inter-disciplinary discussion of key questions on CSR by researchers and practitioners in the field. In doing so, the book:Explores and critiques CSR goals, and national, organizational and managerial strategies Reviews the distinctive role and importance of CSR to academics, professionals and practitioners and identifies appropriate bridging strategies Evaluates the nature, direction and applicability of selected theoretical dimensions which inform the understanding of CSRAssesses the opportunities for theory building, to support further understanding of the complexities of CSR and the sustainability and long term value of CSR practice to corporations and civil societyThis timely and significant contribution to the theory and practice of CSR will prove to be vital reading for students, researchers and practitioners involved with the field. It will also become a key reference for anyone with an interest in business and society.

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