Meeting the Challenge of Human Resource Management: A Communication Perspective

Meeting the Challenge of Human Resource Management: A Communication Perspective

[Library ebook] Meeting the Challenge of Human Resource Management: A Communication Perspective

Book Description : While communicating is a vital skill for managers at all organizational levels and in all functional areas, human resource managers are expected to be especially adept communicators, given the important interpersonal component of their roles. Practitioners and scholarsnbsp;alike stand to benefit from incorporating an updated and more nuanced view of communication theory and practice into standard human resource management practices. This book compiles readings by thought leaders innbsp;human resource management and communication, exploring the intersection of interests, theories, and perspectives from the two fields to highlight new opportunities for research and practice. In addition to covering the foundations of strategic human resource management, the book:offers a critical review of the research literature on topics including recruitment, selection, performance management, compensation, and developmentuses a communication perspective to analyze the impact of corporate strategy on human resource systemsinvestigates thenbsp;key human resource management topic of the relationship between a company’s human capital and its effectivenessdirectly discusses the implications of communication literature for human resource management practiceWritten at the cross-section of two established and critcally linked fields, this book is a must-have fornbsp;graduate human resource management and organizational communication students, as well as for high-level human resource management practitioners.

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